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Recipe Bookmarking Service

Published 04/05/2011 and rated Ratingstars3 3 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

Yumm! brings together a huge selection of popular recipes available through many online resources. The application makes it easier for users to find new favorite recipes in one place. Users can see most popular and newest recipes or search by tag. Popular recipe tags include tasty favorites like pasta, chicken, dessert, cookie and soup as well as health dietary choices such as healthy, dietetic, weight watchers and vegetarian. A bookmarklet and search tool are also available for added convenience to Yumm! users. The bookmarklet lets users save recipes to Yumm! as they find them online. Users can add their own tags and a description or note to each newly added recipe. Each recipe is presented on the search results page with the name, a short description, number of saves, tags, the date it was first saved, where it came from and sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook.

Yumm! screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app?

Yumm! was founded in 2010 by Christopher Hedgecock. The application was intended to give users a social bookmarking tool focused on recipes. The current team has grown slightly, expanding to include advisor and Angel investor Kristopher B. Jones. Today, Yumm! offers users a number of ways to organize, discover and save recipes online.

What are the differences to other apps?

Yumm! provides users with a helpful bookmarklet that makes it much easier to store recipes in one place. The user can search the site or add recipes as they find them through the bookmarklet. When adding a recipe, the user is given the option of including a description and tags to go with it. Yumm! has compiled a well-rounded selection of features to help users find and save recipes they find online.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The Yumm! website has a refreshingly tasty design that really complements the nature of the site. A brilliant lime green background works well with the watermelon red and green logo, which features a square stylized watermelon icon with a bite taken out of one corner. Each recipe includes a small image to further entice the user as well as a description and other vital information. The search bar is prominently displayed at the top of the page for quick access.

How does the registration process work?

A new user can create a Yumm! account by clicking the aqua blue “Create Your Account” link in the upper, right hand corner of the website. The registration form gives users three options. The first two can be accessed using blue buttons at the top of the form to sign in through Twitter or Facebook. The third option is to fill out the form just below the buttons. The form requires a username, email address and password.

What does it cost to use the application?

Yumm! offers a helpful service to users, but it is not one that would justify a subscription fee or other cost. Luckily the creators have kept Yumm! appealing and accessible with free access for all users. There are no subscription fees or other charges. The user only has to create their account to begin enjoying the benefits of Yumm!.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Yumm! is a tool for users who frequently search for recipes online. The application is a social bookmarking service so users can share and save recipes while keeping them organized. The user can also introduce new recipes using the Yumm! bookmarklet.

  • Add the Yumm! bookmarklet to your browser
  • Assign tags to recipes to find them later
  • Share recipes through Facebook and Twitter
  • Save recipes and view the number of saves a recipe has
  • View recipe sources

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